Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Closing is scheduled!!!!!!

Tuesday October 15th is our closing date!!

We were originally scheduled for the 14th, but everyone realized today that the 14th is Columbus Day and the banks are not open.
I am going to schedule out the cable and delivery of appliances before the big move on Friday the 18th. I can't believe it's almost here.

We locked our rate with NVR yesterday. They were offering a 0.500% credit for 4.500% interest rate and a .500% charge for 4.3750% interest rate. We went with 4.500%.
They also sent us our appraisal report. The appraisal came in $8K over our sales price, so that's good news.
We still had an appraisal done with the other lender, so E wants to compare these reports.

We are going over tonight and meeting our PM to walk through where they are with everything. We stopped on Sunday to look at the siding and saw on he back of the house, they caulked around a vent too tight that it was making the siding bow in. Our PM was aware and they were coming to fix it.

I am also concerned with the stain on our banisters. We picked Chestnut because it matched our flooring almost exactly. Now the stain looks about 5 shades darker. Our PM confirmed that the stain is chestnut. I may need to make a call to Rusmur Floors to see what they can do about this.

I wanted to ask everyone who has closed. How clean are the houses when you are ready to move in? We are debating if we should hire a cleaning company to do a new house clean for us, but I would rather not pay anymore money than I have to right now. But I also don't want to spend all my time cleaning the house.

Only 3 weeks to go....


  1. We haven't yet moved in (we close tomorrow!) so I can't speak specifically to how clean they are on "move-in day" but we did stop by a few nights ago and there was a guy doing some really deep cleaning.

    My sister-in-law actually asked him if he did other work so she could hire him to clean her own house, but he said that his rates are so high and that he only does commercial work for bigger companies to do the deep-cleaning that is necessary after so many weeks of so many people coming in.

    I would say it's up to you (take a look a few days before to see how it looks) but if it's anything like what we saw, we aren't worried about how clean things should be. I think you'll be good to skip out on that.

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  3. Hey Amanda! Congrats!! October 15th will be here before you know it.
    About the cleaning, we were actually present at our house when our PM was letting in a small army of cleaners on our closing day (the day before we planned to move in). They did a great job. We took their info for future use. You shouldn't have to spend any money on cleaning

  4. Woohoo! How exciting! Let me know how clean everything is when you move in- I figured that I will probably clean a few things after the move in because I'm a little OCD lol,

  5. Our house was not all that clean when we moved in. All flat surfaces still had a layer of dust, so I still needed to wipe down all counters and mopped/vacuumed all of the floors. The baseboards were also very dusty. It was cleaner than it had been, but it still needed some work.

  6. I wouldn't waste your money on a cleaning company, they have a cleaning company come in and clean twice, they cleaned the day we closed a second time. Of course there is going to be dust, everything is still settling, you will see it for weeks even after you clean yourself, and it's expected with a new build, especially if they are having to come in and redo dry wall areas, it creates a lot of dust.