Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not too much excitement

Well not much going on; I guess it could be a good thing too.

E was recently approved for the mortgage loan; only after I emailed our LO and asked for updated closing costs and monthly payments for our additions to the house.

And of course the mortgage rates are climbing. The average right now is 3.625% and we priced everything out at 3.5%. I know it's not a lot, but I am just worried as to what will happen by September when we can lock in.

Since we have plenty of time, I am going to shop around other banks in the Pittsburgh area to see if I can get lower closing costs than with NVR.

E drove through the community and not too much is going on with the houses they are currently building. I believe they have started on 4 about 3 weeks ago and as of last week, only one of those houses was completely framed. We need to call our SR and see if we are still on schedule for an early July start date.

We were able to extend our lease till the middle of August, but we will still be homeless for a few months.

We do have one thing ready for the house. We had bought a picture in Key West last summer on vacation and I thought it would look good in the Powder Room. We recently got it framed at a local art gallery in town. The frame is a really dark black with a wood grain feel. We are thinking of painting the walls a light slate color to match the roof of the shack.