Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wood and a few more goodies

Well we came back from vacation and saw some goodies!!

Our foundation has been poured and the plumbing had been signed off by the city.

There was also a large pile of wood, 2 sliding doors, and the flower box we weren't suppose to be getting. Even if they don't put it up, I hope that they let us keep it.

We are waiting for a call back from our PM with an update on when they will begin to start framing.

Time to get excited!! And nervous!
We are putting down a deposit today for our movers and storage.

I also only have 3 weeks left in the office that I have worked in for the past 4 1/2 years before I move onto our office in Pittsburgh. I think this is the only part of this move I am not too thrilled about.

E only found one thing he is not too happy about so far. The concrete around the door in the basement isn't filled in. Either they ran out of concrete or it was somehow broken. I am sure this will be fixed.

I am going to go over after work on Thursday to look at everything. The last time I saw the actual house and not just pictures was when we only had the lot taped out.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Pre-Construction & a hole and some Footers

Sorry I have been a little MIA for the past couple weeks.

We had our pre-construction meeting at the end of June.
Our PM seems like he will be a big help.

A huge storm was coming through during our visit to the site so I didn't pay much attention to everything he said about the actual site. I will leave all the construction details up to E.

We learned a few things we were not too happy with:
  • Our $12.5K 3rd car garage does not include a door opener. Guess that was something we needed to ask for in addition to the garage. We did have an opener on the 2 car garage so we assumed they would have known we wanted an opener on the 3rd car. No more assuming.
  • They are no longer including the flower box below the window on our elevation. They said that too many people don't take care of it and it causes issues with the water and sitting against the house. Makes sense.
  • Our driveway is a bit of an increasing grade than we thought it would.
  • We will have a small retaining wall on the front side of the house. Not too bad but it wasn't something we were expecting.
Other than that, the house looks like it will sit in a nice spot on the lot and we will have a decent yard. They need to fill in our house with about 8 feet of dirt to bring our porch level with our neighbor's porch.

At the meeting our PM said they should have the house dug out in the lot by the 10th at the latest. With all the rain they feel behind with digging and setting footers on the houses in front of us.

E drove past earlier in July and we had a hole!!!
My third car garage!!!
From the back yard
We drove past again last week and there wasn't anything done. There was a huge storm that came through and shut down most of the interstate in our area that day. I was afraid our lot would have filled back up with dirt and rain water and they would need to dig it out again.
E drove over on Wednesday and saw that they started to set to pour the footers.
We leave for vacation tomorrow. Hopefully when we come back they will have everything poured and set.

We will be moving back to Pgh mid-August and staying with his sister until our house is done. I will then be a lot closer that I can go over and see the progress of the house weekly. I may even go daily when things start moving along.
Our PM said he might be able to have us closing at the end of September. I told him any day but Sept 30th-E's sister is having her baby that day.
We are still waiting to lock our rate and shopping around with a few banks right now.