Saturday March 30, 2013 - Signed Purchase Agreement with Ryan Homes for the Venice Floor Model

Thursday April 4, 2013 - Meeting with NVR Loan Officer. We are still going to run the numbers with a local bank.

Thursday April 4, 2013 - Meet with Rusmur Floors. We have until April 30th for final floor selections, but we wanted to make sure our counter choice worked with the hardwood floor we like.

Thursday April 11, 2013 - Finalized Exterior Colors
(used from another blogger in the Pittsburgh area; love these colors but they are no longer offered)

Brick-Savannah Gray (we found a house with this brick; it looks better than the sample)
Main Siding-Sandy Tan
Accent Shakes-Pebble Clay
Accent border color-White
Front Door-Black

Saturday April 13, 2013 - Last minute changes. Of course we wait until the final day allowed to make structural changes. We added a third car garage and Granite counter tops. I am excited for the third car garage-I get to park inside now!!!

Tuesday April 16,2013-Meeting with Guardian. We only added a few cable and data outlets. They offered a security system for a $250 installation charge, but we would have also needed to sign a 3 year contract at $45/month.

Friday June 28,2013-Pre-Construction Meeting!!!! Let the fun begin!!!

Tenative Monday July 1, 2013-Construction begins!! Crossing all fingers and toes for no delays.

Week of July 21st - Footer poured.

Week of August 5th - First Floor Framing

Week of August 12th- Second Floor and third car garage are framed.

Thursday August 22, 2013- Pre-dry wall meeting.

Friday October 11, 2013 - House is complete and ready for closing!!!!


  1. We are doing the EXACT same colors and elevation! Only my door is Marooned instead of Black. I haven't seen another elevation L blog out there except the one you got the pic from (I used the same one on my blog!) It was why I choose my colors! Love the look! My siding and brick will be done next week so I will post some pics! I'm totally jealous of your 3 car garage! Our lots are sooooo narrow in Pittsburgh, we couldn't fit it if we wanted :(

    1. I wanted the Marooned door, but lost that battle. At least we can always paint the door later :-)

      We were told the L Elevation was rather new and there were not many out there. There is another in our community; they have a side garage which I wasn't crazy about. I also found one in Plum. I like the character in the elevation L. I also liked the K elevation, but that was a little pricey.

  2. anyone have pics of their house in this color combination? We have to pick ours out soon and I love those colors