Monday, October 21, 2013

All moved in.....

Well Friday started out great. 2 of the 3 movers we had when we moved out of our home in August were part of the delivery team. These 2 guys were great and we were very happy to have them back.

And then they started to unload our items....
-One of the legs on our nightstands has a large slice of the wood taken off.
-One of the legs on the entertainment stand bent in half about an inch up from the bottom of the leg.
-A desk leg was cracked at the screw and if we put it back on it won't stand up.
-E's retro desk chair is all scratched.
-And the worst of all.....I had 7-10 Coach purses stolen. The one guy was bringing the crate in and I noticed there was only a few purses in the crate. I went out to the truck thinking that maybe they feel out. Nope, nothing on the truck. They started to name 6-7 guys that helped load the truck from our storage unit. They suggested that I file a police report. I stopped at the police station this morning. Since our items were in so many jurisdictions, I don't think they will be able to help much. They are going to write up the police report and share with the local police station of where our items were stored. I asked the movers and they do have security cameras in their warehouse. They just need to look at the videos and hopefully they will find something.

Of course they had so many people touch our items during the moves and storage, it is going to be difficult to point the finger at one or two people that damaged them. The one mover was mad and kept making the comment that he was suppose to be helping load the truck on Thursday to watch for this kind of stuff.

E called Visa on Friday to freeze the transaction for the balance due on the moving and storage. So far no one from the moving company has called us back about the stolen items and the damaged furniture. If we don't get anywhere with the moving company in the next few days, I am going to have E call back and dispute the original charge from back in August too. Hopefully they will work with us and reimburse us for this. Fingers crossed!

Just a few items from the first few days at the house:
-We are having a hard time getting the upstairs to heat. We have the first floor set at 68/69 and the bedrooms are only heating to 64/65. Hopefully once we get all the boxes moved out and the air can circulate better this will improve.
-Our lights on the garage are not working. We have tried every light switch and we can't get them to turn on. We tightened the bulbs and checked the breakers. I think I am going to have E just try another bulb that we know works to see if they maybe just put bad bulbs in.
-We still need our powder room toilet replaced. The plumber didn't call or stop by on Friday.
-The siding guy still needs to come back and repair the siding on the back of the house.

Other than all that, I am in love with our new home. We are having a hard time setting up the furniture in the Family Room. I have really deep furniture (which we both love), it is just hard to place it. I was worried the whole process about not having the morning room. We are very happy with the kitchen/dinette/family space without the morning room. We will have plenty of room for a larger kitchen table and our family room furniture. The hardwood floor throughout the entire space really helps not define an area and we can make the dinette as large or small as we need. We will also need to purchase new bedroom furniture. Our furniture looks so small in the room. We did find a nice bedroom set at Arhaus; it is $7K so we are going to look to see if we can find something we like that is cheaper.

I will post some pictures once we have a few more boxes out of the rooms. Hopefully this weekend we can make these rooms more livable.


  1. when you say garage lights.. do you mean the outdoor lights? Ours are on sensors and come on dusk to dawn. We noticed an issue with inconsistency in the temperatures between floors too and we checked the air filter in the furnace and it was almost solid black. I'm guessing from all of the construction dust... so check on that. I hate to hear that you had things stolen and damaged. I hope it all gets resolved!

  2. Congrats on moving in!! We found gorgeous bedroom furniture at Ashley Furniture. All the drawers are cedar lined and it's very sturdy furniture. We had to upgrade to a King also because the master is HUGE!1

  3. That's exactly I don't hire mover to move my family and I when it come to relocating...regardless where we're moving.