Friday, October 11, 2013

Only a few more days

We had the home inspection yesterday and our pre-settlement walk through today.
The inspector only found a few minor things so our PM is fixing them up before our closing on Tuesday.
They still haven't fixed the bowing of the siding on the back of the house, so that is on the list to be completed by Tuesday morning.
We walked through the house and went through the home owner's manual with our PM for 2 hours today. In addition to the siding bowing, we found some areas on the walls that needed touched up, there is a scratch in the master shower that needs buffed or the piece of metal will need replaced, and a high spot on the hardwood floor in the Family Room.

I ran over during the inspection to take a peak at the completed house. Even though I knew I would be there at 10 today, I couldn't wait to see everything. And I am glad I went.

The landscaping, flower box, driveway, and painted door really makes a difference on the appearance of the home. They seeded the yard so our PM is going to keep the sprinkler on until we move in on Friday for us. Today it was raining so they might not need to run the sprinkler all day.

Our PM had also installed the lower cabinets and I think the kitchen looks so much better.

I can't wait to move in on Friday!!! But I am so nervous about the delivery guys and the movers. I hope they don't ruin any of the floors or walls. I will be buying some Ram Board for the floors.


  1. Looks lovely! Landscaping does take the beauty of the home up another notch. LOVE the kitchen too. Beautiful.

  2. Ram board is such a great idea for the moving process!!! I wonder if our PM will let us hold onto the stuff they put down to protect the flooring until closing, so we can re-use it instead of buy new. Any idea's if they just use it & toss or do they re-use it?

    It's looking gorgeous by the way!

  3. We asked our PM for some of the green padding the used - he said ram board was better.